Welcome to Pecckr.com!

PECCKR’s place in the giant ocean of all the earth’s various websites exists as a celebration of men. The men that we are, the men we strive to be, strong men, good men, loyal men, humerous men, excited men, excitable men, sexy men, admirable men, and admirers of men.

PECCKR.com celebrates men by providing links to content that men can enjoy through article curation and it’s website directory.

This is a new website created by a compulsive obsessive list maker, and is operated from the beautiful state of Alabama.

The content provided here is intended for adult men, and ranges from SFW (Safe for Work) to NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

Article curation will be coming, as well as lists on various topics.

In the first few months, a lot of page building will be going on behind the scenes to get the basis of this website layed out. After the settlement is established, I will begin doing what I intended to start doing with this website, and that is to go out to the most popular websites and curate great articles. I will also have a directory on this website where I will list useful and interesting websites as I find them.

Thank you for your visit, and please stand by while I get this website underway.

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