I’ve been on the website hosting platform since March 2014, and in that time I have created a ton of blogs that I don’t maintain anymore.

I have a plan to move some content from these blogs to this website at, which will help me to consolidate, and perhaps by doing so, will revive old content, and possibly restore my motivation to continue blogging about my interests.

Below is a list of some of the blogs with content I plan to move here.

SEXY COWBOYS – This is one of my most viewed blogs in all of my wordpress sites history since starting it in 2014. It’s a simple photo blog dedicated to hot cowboy photos. I no longer maintain this blog, but I decided to leave it up online because it has gotten so many views over the years (127K). I’m not planning on moving all of the photos from this blog to this website in the same format. I think what I would like to do is put all of the photos into collage images with each collage having 4 photos. That would reduce the number of photos I would need to upload to this website, and I could create a fan gallery of my SEXY COWBOYS blog… or something like that maybe. –

TRANCE JUPITER – I launched this blog in 2019. It was intended to serve as a directory of trance and edm music artists and deejays. –

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