PECCKR was launched as a sort of incognito location to serve as a content blog of various topics for men. It’s content ranges from SFW (Safe For Work) to NSFW (Not Safe For Work) to XXX, all intended for adult men.

With the information established in the first paragraph, PECCKR is labeled as “incognito” due to that I have other websites that are widely known by family and friends. This hopefully will be one where they won’t search for online, and won’t pry into my online business that isn’t meant for them… but if they do… that’s on them.

I launched this website to organize information and website links that I hoarded in my personal notes for years. PECCKR is intended to be a place for me where I can get lost in the things I love to post, and hopefully where other men can find useful resources I find and share.


My process for finding available domain names requires that the domain name be no more than 8 characters, must be available on a free wordpress subdomain with the same .com I can acquire, and preferably the domain name be available as a handle on Twitter because Twitter, despite all the ignorant politics infiltrating that platform, is my favorite network to socialize on. When searching for a domain name for this website, I knew I was going to be building a website that would house some links leading to off-site to adult content for men. Even though this website does that, it is not considered a “pornographic” website. It’s just open to erotic content. Because this website is primarily intended for men, I wanted a domain name that represented men. So I chose something based off of the male anatomy, the penis. What’s another word for penis? There are many actually, but I chose pecker because it’s a funny word. I discovered that PECCKR was available in all areas I require, and so that became my brand name, and domain for this website.


I am a compulsive obsessive list maker. I love making lists of hopefully some useful information. So as I begin building this website, you will find different lists of information. I am planning to get into article curation as well, and at some point will start posting article collections.

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