Welcome to the NOTICES page at

This page is intended to give you information on the operation of this website, and any important things that may need to be spelled out to you the viewers.

Some items may be better placed on a disclaimer page, or a policy page, however I don’t have a disclaimer page up yet, nor a policy. So I’m bound to create these pages at some point and move some of these items to their appropriate place.


On many pages, and throughout listings on this website, you will find full urls (web addresses) given, rather than traditional links. The reasons for this is because I transfer information from one of my websites to another at any given time, I also may use this information in a publication and the full urls are easier to deal with than HTML code, and also giving you the full url to a web page I am linking to off of this website gives you the opportunity to see what the address of the page is before you click it.

LINK SAFETY + ZERO FAULT POLICY provides links to many off-site destinations across the internet, including some NSFW content. It is the policy of, and my own personal policy to link to trustworthy content. I do not link to content unless I have viewed it myself, and feel it is safe to link to. With that said, we all have different computer systems. No one has the same set up. With that said, my website at, nor myself will not take any responsibility for your use of this website, or issues you may encounter at off-site destinations.

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