Welcome to the PECCKR Network page. This page will provide you with links to some of my other websites and blogs of interest.


Although my website here at hosts XXX written content for men, you won’t find a lot of XXX photos. That is what Tumblr used to be for (until they cracked down on adult content on their platform – some which you can still find), and what NewTumbl now openly allows and encourages. Below you can find links to my personal NewTumbl blog, and my old Tumblr blog.

SLAVE 2 THE DICK ON NEWTUMBLE – I love NewTumble, and this is where I now enjoy reblogging my favorite smut. Note, you must have an account on NewTumble to view this blog, and you must turn your settings to allow sensitive content viewing. –

8====DICK ON TUMBLR – Maintained from Saturday, December 12th, 2009 to Tuesday, August 4th, 2015, this blog has content on it very similar to my NewTumbl blog listed above. A funny thing about this blog today is that the archive says I started this blog in January 1980. There’s obviously something fishy going on in Tumblr’s archive system. Tumblr, nor the internet as we know it did not exist in 1980, and I wasn’t even a teenager yet lol. –

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